Pennsylvania Firearms Attorneys was designed in conjunction with the Law Firm of Abom & Kutulakis L.L.P. to be sure that you easily understand your rights and that they are not being violated.  It is our duty to uphold the standards set by the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

In order to guard against the tyranny of government, the Congress of the United States adopted the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 15, 1791.

The attorneys at Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.P. can help make sense of the often confusing federal, state and local laws relating to firearms. Our lawyers represent individuals, private clubs and ranges, federal firearms licensees and any other organization concerned about legal compliance and their rights. As gun owners, sportsmen and attorneys, we believe that the avenues to lawful gun ownership must remain open and are compelled to educate our clients on current laws.


Planning on Gifting a Firearm this Holiday Season?


Firearms Law Consultations

  • Do you know when you’re authorized to utilize deadly force?
  • Are you unsure whether or when you can carry a concealed firearm?
  • Curious about how the Castle Doctrine might affect you and your loved ones?
  • Are you uncertain about transporting a firearm within Pennsylvania or across state lines?


 State and federal firearms law can be complicated. Schedule a firearms consultation with the attorneys at Abom & Kutulakis L.L.P. Contact us today to discuss your right to bear arms. We will prepare a customized plan to be sure you will be prepared against anyone trying to infringe on your liberties.